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Spring Mix | A Mixture of Different Type of Lettuce

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A Delicious Mix of Lettuce and a Fantastic Source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Phytonutrients with Very Few Calories That You Won’t Find in Your Local Grocery Store.

Spring Mix Lettuce

Spring mix is an ideal blend of different types of lettuce, providing you with a low-calorie vegetable option, but with the added benefit of lots of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy body. There are lots of reasons to include more spring mix in your menu, including all the health benefits it provides from head to toe. Spring mix is an excellent addition to any salad or wrap.

Health Benefits:
  • One of the best dietary sources of vitamin K which promotes bone strength
  • Provides several essential nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy
  • A dietary pattern that includes leafy greens is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease
  • The carotenoids found in spring mix including lutein are known to concentrate in the retina and helps protects vision
  • Contains fiber which helps keep bad cholesterol levels down
  • Additional nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C have antioxidant effects that protect against cardiovascular damage over time


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