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Tomatoes Roma | Slender and Firm Paste Tomato

Tomatoes Roma | Slender and Firm Paste Tomato

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Come with Added Benefits Though They're Less Juicy Than Other Tomatoes and Have Fewer Seeds, Roma Tomatoes Pack a Powerful Nutritional Punch.

Juicy Roma Tomatoes

Tomatoes are often the starting point of many dishes, from a simple tomato and mozzarella concoction for lunch to a hearty pizza, soup, or pasta. Roma tomatoes are well-loved in the cooking world for their thick, meaty flesh that’s just perfect for transforming into a thick savory sauce in your home. Roma Tomatoes are the ideal tomato for processing, packing a powerful nutritional punch but with some unique differentiators.

Health Benefits:
  • A great source of vitamin C, and K
  • Contain nutrients in the vitamin A family including lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene which are important for your vision, and immunity and may lower your risk of certain cancers
  • Antioxidant compounds in tomato products reduce oxidation and can lower markers of inflammation in your body
  • Rich in potassium, niacin, folate, and vitamin B6 -- all nutrients necessary for good heart health
Ways to enjoy Roma Tomatoes:
  • Eat it raw or with olive oil-based dressing or real butter
  • Toss it on your burger or sandwiches
  • Include it in your salad or pasta recipe
  • Make zesty salsa or combine with garlic and basil for marinara sauce
  • Make it a tasty paste


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