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Beans | A Staple and Beloved Side Dish

Beans | A Staple and Beloved Side Dish

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We Don't Just Offer the Best in Taste, We Are the Best at Healthy Eating. Our Green Beans Are Picked at the Peak of Ripeness and Have All the Flavor You Love.

Healthy Green Beans

You love green bean casserole and you'll love the freshness that only our green beans can offer. It is perfect for everything from soups and salads to dinnertime side dishes. These beans will thrive in any home and the benefits make them one of the best things to add to your diet.

Health Benefits:
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight with virtually no fat and only 3.6 grams of sugar
  • Contains no cholesterol good for your heart health
  • A low FODMAP food that may bring considerable relief to your tummy troubles
  • Contain protein that is essential to a healthy immune system and can help maintain healthy bones, hair, organ, and muscles
  • A good source of Vitamin A and C and other vitamins such as Vitamin B6, E, thiamin, and niacin
  • A good source of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, prosphorous, potassium, zinc, and especially manganese
Storage and Usage Tips:
Cooking green beans may cause a reduction in some nutrients such as vitamin C, as does thawing frozen green beans. As a result, don’t thaw frozen green beans and cook them in a small amount of water for the least amount of time necessary.

Fresh green beans should be refrigerated in a plastic bag and used within one week.


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